Friday, June 23, 2000


Where did they learn that?

News stories from American-run prisons overseas (run primarily by National Guard troops who are prison guards back home) suggest it is way past time we take a hard look at prison conditions and guard behavior here in the United States. In the interest of fully comprehending the scope of the problem, I've begun to take a look.

The broad view:

Prisoner abuse learned in the American heartland

Stories from the homeland:

Prison guard accused of rape, gift of contraband
Prison Guard Charged with Having Sex with Inmate
Inmate says guard gave him drugs
Guard to serve time for inmate sex
Jail rape suit settled
Prison guard sentenced to 20 years in sex case
Jail guard charged with supplying drugs to inmates
Prison guard sentenced for running a fraud ring
FBI Arrests Local Prison Guard
Geoghan suspect says guard allowed him to kill priest
Ellsworth guard gets prison time for sex assault
State prison guard accused of urinating on jail computer
Bexar jailer under probe after gunfire
Jail employees accused of having inmate beaten up
Prison guard sentenced for stealing drugs
Prison guard fired for abusing inmate, lying
Inmate's water cut for 4 days
Another Stabbing Incident At A Private Prison In Cushing
County fires jail guard
Sheriff: Jailer arrested has been terminated
Jail's records sought
Prison guard is charged with attempted cocaine purchase
Deputy, jailer suspended for drug possession
FBI Investigating Immigration Torture Claim
Jailer is accused of pointing a gun at campers
Man accused gas station heist is former prison guard
Kane jail guard is fired after lying about drug use
Former Prison Guard Pleads Guilty to Assault
State prison guard charged with drug possession
Guard Convicted Of Assault In Inmate's Beating Death
Revised numbers show jail crowding is worse
Prisons raise patrols for inmate suicides
Youths report more prison assaults
Ex-prison guard gets 5 years
Jail guard sentenced to four years in jail
CIW prison guard sentenced for sex act
Prison guard sentenced in murder-for-hire plot
Hancock jail guard dismissed
Jail guard facing drug charges
County jail conditions condemned in report (With comment)
Jail guard held in 2 sex assaults
NYC jails to stop forced gynecological tests
King County Jail Guard Accused Of Domestic Violence
Jailer admits to misconduct with two inmates
Jail guard sentenced
Former prison guard pleads to assault charge
Jail Guard Sentenced To Prison
Prison guard fired over heroin dealing charges
Complaints of poor care at jail continue
Prison system accused of poor medical care
Investigation into death at federal prison
Jail guard charged with smuggling heroin
Former jail guard acquitted of charges, five others guilty
Prison guard pleads guilty to drug trafficking
Deaths of 2 inmates bring calls for change
Guard accused of smuggling drugs into jail
Prison guards accused of taking bribes
Trials begin for 6 prison guards charged with drug offenses
Politicians strip search prisoners"
Problems with medical contractor for Tampa's juvenile halls
Did guards allow inmate to be beaten?
After 1 year, inmate's killing unsolved
Four suicides in 15 months at the Ravalli County jail
Dead prison inmate "guarded" for nearly two months
Jail rape lawsuit filed
Jail guard accused of domestic violence
Prison guard accused of dealing
County denies squalor at jail
Prison Guard Charged With Sexual Battery Of Inmate
Former police officer and prison guard accused of molesting girl
Prison guard accused of molesting young girl
U.S. soldiers, officials nabbed in cocaine sting


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