Friday, August 04, 2000


Defining cultural moments

As American as Wal-Mart...

Shopper takes on Wal-Mart over 27 cents
Wal-Mart Shootout Video Released
1 killed at Wal-Mart in Albuquerque
Man nabbed at Wal-Mart for handcuff prank
Molotov Cocktail Tossed Into Wal-Mart
Two Arizona Wal-Mart workers shot dead
God comes to Wal-Mart
Wal-Mart Health Plan Sues Brain-Damaged Injured Employee
Woman has baby in Wal-Mart bathroom, leaves infant behind in toilet
Police Say Man Spread Molotov Cocktails Around Wal-Mart
Family filing suit against Wal-Mart on sex offender cases
Answers sought in death outside Wal-Mart
Shoplifting suspect dies after chase at Wal-Mart
Boy Scout official charged with child porn
Police Impersonator Preying On Widows
Confrontation: Profanity flies, then car flips
Man Accused Of Bumping Woman For Shaded Parking
Police Identify Woman Found In Parking Lot
Racist Flyers Left On Cars In Wal-Mart Parking Lot
Wal-Mart worker gets 40 years for attempted murder
Man Shot, Killed At Fayetteville Wal-Mart Parking Lot
Body found in car at Wal-Mart
Iraq war veteran steals purse in Wal-Mart
Big Brother, checking out the Wal-Mart
Police officer accused of molestation in Wal-Mart parking lot
Infant pepper sprayed


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