Saturday, July 09, 2005


Complaints of poor care at jail continue

DallasInmates who enter the Dallas County Jail with physical or medical problems risk losing more than their freedom, say inmates, family members and health-care advocates.

Bruce McDonald got into a fight in the county jail, and his left eye was hurt. He says delays caused the need for surgery. One inmate said he lost sight in one eye because of poor care in jail. And a recent lawsuit filed by the family of an inmate who died in custody contends he was denied medications for serious health ailments including congestive heart failure.

Five months after county commissioners received a scathing report on medical care at the jail, inmates with serious physical illnesses still wait weeks to see a doctor or receive proper care, according to accounts by inmates and their families, staff members and health-care advocates.

And many mentally ill inmates continue to languish for a week or more without receiving the medications that keep them stable, they say.

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