Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Guard to serve time for inmate sex

Cumberland County, Pennsylvania - A former guard at a federal prison in Cumberland County was sentenced yesterday to three months behind bars for having sex with an inmate who was a high-ranking member of the Bloods street gang.

Jeanette Zayas, 39, of Vineland, also was accused in federal court in Camden of letting the inmate use her cell phone twice to make calls and having nearly 40 other prohibited telephone conversations with him.

She also was accused of passing information on how guards at the medium-security Federal Correctional Institution in Fairton moved informants secretly for meetings with prison staff.

Although prosecutors said Zayas' actions had placed inmates and fellow guards in danger, she faced charges only for having sex with the inmate, referred to by his initials, A.O.

The inmate was identified in court yesterday as the second-in-command of a Bloods faction. It was unclear whether Zayas had passed any gang-related information.

She also was accused of sending the inmate cash, letters, greeting cards, and photographs of herself in a bikini. Zayas used different return addresses but signed all the letters "Boobie," according to court documents.

Federal investigators traced Zayas through the cards, which she bought at a Wal-Mart with her debit card.

Investigators learned that Zayas was having sex with the inmate through an informant in May 2004. Earlier that month, she filed paperwork requesting to work in the prison housing unit where A.O. was assigned.

Surveillance cameras showed Zayas entering a staff bathroom with the inmate eight times for 10 to 20 minutes at a time in June and July that year, according to court documents.

She admitted to investigators that she had sex with the inmate five or six times. At her plea hearing in March, Zayas said she had had sex with him from March 2004 until her arrest that July.

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