Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Local minister charged with soliciting minors for sex on-line

RAVENNA, Ohio -- A Ravenna minister is in jail Monday night, charged with soliciting minors for sex on-line.

Nelson Lynn Wright was arrested and faces charged in two separate counties.

Police in Massillon and Medina say he arranged to have sex with what he thought were teenaged girls, but he was actually exchanging e-mails with undercover police officers.

Police say because 42-year-old Wright is a pastor at a local church [Lighthouse Community Church in Ravenna], they took action quickly.

"We had some concern with his contact with children," said Massillon Police Detective. Bobby Grizzard. "We learned his position was as a minister; therefore, we reacted.

Investigators also fear their may be "real" victims out there.

They're asking parents whose children had contact with Wright to contact officers if they're concerned their child was a victim.

See also, the never-ending chronicle of church-related crime.

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