Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Mom sues son's molester, church, school board

YH points us to this:

Fort Myers, Florida - The mother of a boy who had sex with church youth group leader Dana Brashear when he was 12 is suing Brashear, the church and the Lee County School Board.

Brashear, 30, of Alva was convicted last Oct. 12 of two counts of lewd/lascivious battery for having sex with the boy. She was sentenced to five years in prison, a penalty the state attorney's office is appealing on the grounds it was too lenient.

The mother of the boy, who is now 15 or 16 years old, filed suit Tuesday in Lee Circuit Court accusing Brashear of 12 counts of negligence and 12 counts of battery.

The suit, which identifies the boy only as DS, accuses the school board and Crossroads Baptist Church of negligence.

Brashear "used her position as the youth group leader to obtain access to DS and as a ruse to get close to him to lure him into sexual liaisons," the suit says.

Brashear, the suit says, under "the pretext of Bible study," manipulated DS and had sex with him 12 times in April 2002 in her van, her home and the mother's home.

The suit says Brashear would bring DS to school late at Alva Middle School and pick him up early. School officials, the suit says, shouldn't have allowed that to happen because Brashear wasn't authorized to do so by the mother.

"The school was aware, through its employees, that DS had been visited by Brashear at school, that he was tardy on numerous occasions during April 2002 and that Brashear was the one bringing him to school late," the suit says. "DS was a bus rider and no one other than his mother, the bus, or listed family members were authorized to pick up or drop off the child."

The relationship between DS and Brashear was discovered on April 29, 2002, when a teacher's aide saw the two acting suspiciously in Brashear's van near a boat dock during school hours.

"The school owed a duty of protection and due care to DS and the mother to protect her child," the suit says.

School board attorney Keith Martin said the school district hadn't been served with the suit as of Thursday. But he disputed the mother's claims, saying Brashear did have permission to pick up and drop off the boy.

"There was permission for the tutor to pick up the child from school," Martin said.

The suit says the church shares blame for damages to the mother and son because it "failed to ensure that the youth group director did not pose a risk of harm" to children.

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