Thursday, October 27, 2005


Pastor Who Disrupted Council Meeting Released From Jail


SAN ANTONIO, Texas -- A local pastor is released from jail after being arrested and dragged out of City Hall last week.

The Rev. Narciso Mendoza spent nearly four days in jail for disrupting a City Council meeting last Thursday.

The Word Of Faith Church pastor was jailed when he refused to leave the podium after his time ran out during the public comment portion of the meeting.

He supports Proposition 2, which seeks to further define marriage in Texas as only between a man and woman, banning gay marriage, and he wanted to know where the council stands.

"They can talk about every other issue, talk about the saints, and things that pertain to their political agendas, but when it comes to the taxpayers and this proposition, I just felt they needed to respond," he said.

Mendoza will appear in court later this week to face the charges. He could be fined up to $900 for his public protest.

With more details from the San Antonio Express-News:


A San Antonio pastor strongly in favor of the amendment was released from the Bexar County jail Monday on a personal recognizance bond, several days after being arrested outside City Council chambers.

Narciso Mendoza of Word of Faith Church addressed council members at Thursday's regular meeting, asking them to take a stand on the proposition. After speaking for his allotted time, Mendoza refused to sit down and instead "threw himself on the floor," according to a San Antonio Police Department report.

While in jail, Mendoza held a hunger strike, said Bexar County Jail Administrator Amadeo Ortiz.


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