Thursday, October 27, 2005


Testimony Begins In So-Called Pastor Trial

I'm not sure what this "so-called" and "self-proclaimed" hedge words are about. Aren't all pastors self-proclaimed? This guy had a church, after all.

San Antonio, Texas - He calls himself "Apostle Alex." The self-proclaimed pastor is on trial, accused of sexually assaulting young girls. It's a story we first told you about on News 4 WOAI.

Testimony began Wednesday with a ten year old who took the stand. Cameras were not allowed in the courtroom, but News 4 WOAI's Jacqueline Ortiz listened and watched, as a ten year old held on to her stuffed frog and described where each sexual assault took place.

The young girl told a judge and jury that she was sexually assaulted by Victor Icenogle, 48, at his office, in his chair at home, and at Canyon Lake. While the 10 year old testified, Icenogle occasionally looked up at her, but for the most part, he could be seen writing on a legal pad.

Icenogle was the pastor of the Promiseland Church on Montgomery in San Antonio. Testimony continues Wednesday, and News 4 WOAI will continue to bring you the details. Icenogle faces up to 99 years in prison

See also, the never-ending chronicle of church-related crime.

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