Friday, November 04, 2005


Guilty preacher must repay stolen $848,532

Greenville, N.C. - A federal judge has ordered a former Greenville, N.C., minister to start making payments to the estate of a Bartow woman years after he was convicted of stealing from her.

U.S. District Court Judge Malcolm Howard last month ordered the Rev. Jim Whittington, 64, to pay $5,500 a month. Whittington, who had expensive high-speed boats and a Rolls-Royce, owed Valeria Lust $848,532.

The minister, now living in Atlanta, and four other people were convicted in 1992 of stealing nearly $900,000 from the woman, who uses a wheelchair, while he was the on-air presence for Fountain of Life ministries. Lust has died, and the payments would be made to her estate.

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