Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Police chaplain jailed on charges of domestic violence

FR points me to the story below, which is discussed in more detail at Daily Kos.

A Cleveland minister who is also a Police Department chaplain was jailed Thursday, accused of beating his wife.

Bishop Eugene Ward Jr., the 51-year-old pastor of Greater Love Missionary Full Gospel Baptist Church, was charged Wednesday with domestic violence and aggravated menacing.

Antoinette Sims-Ward told police that the couple were at home about 9:30 p.m. Tuesday when they began to quarrel. She said she was on the phone and he was upset by her conversation.

"I'm tired of you and your mouth," he said, according to her statement. He told her to get out and "go see your boyfriend."

Ward declined to comment on the charges, but in a police report he said he was attacked by his wife. He told police his wife started the fight.

Both told police that during the tussle, her nightgown and panties were ripped off.

She said he choked her with the phone cord until she saw white dots and nearly passed out.

Officers said her neck was slightly bruised and red. Ward denied choking her. He told police he accidentally knocked her down some stairs.

Naked except for an overcoat, she ran to a neighbor's home.

She told police Ward had assaulted her three times in the past 12 months.

They married about 10 years ago and have an 8-year-old son.

Ward filed for divorce in December 2002, but the case was dismissed in 2004 when the couple didn't attend a hearing, a court official said.

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