Sunday, November 27, 2005


Tennessee fires prison guard for ties to couple in deadly escape

(Nashville, TN-AP) November 23, 2005 - Tennessee prison officials have fired a corrections officer because of his dealings with an inmate who made a deadly escape from custody three months ago. A prison guard was killed in the escape.

Officials say Randall Ridenour had let inmate George Hyatte use a cell phone to talk to his wife about three weeks before the escape. They also say Ridenour admitted to calling Jennifer Hyatte later that day, although they haven't said Ridenour knew of the escape plan.

Jennifer Hyatte allegedly opened fire outside a courthouse, killing a guard, as she helped her husband escape.

A Tennessee Department of Corrections spokeswoman says Ridenour has lost his job for violating a ban on personal relationships with inmates and for "conduct unbecoming of an employee in state service."

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